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Adorable game! i loved how the interaction with the skeleton wasn't actually hurting him :), good luck finishing it! i had a lot of fun. :D

I loved this game but I need to know if it will be completed. It took me about two hours to complete it because I don't speak English and I had to translate each sentence. I certainly don't regret it.

aww, so cute!

THIS IS SO FUCKING COOL ACKK !! i luv the artstyle sm and it was rlly fun to explore it i rlly enjoyed def one of my top favs

this game was so cute!! something about playing in the prospective of a sweet dog is good for the heart! overall super cool story line and i really enjoyed playing this!



Four words.

10/10  l LOVE the game it was so much fun cant whit till the full game comes out

I had this game on pending list to play since a long time, I loved the art.

Finally I have played it and it's wonderful. Very relaxing and cute game. I really love the art. Fantastic game and I am looking to play the full version. Great work!

LOVE the art, can't wait for more.

Firstly, I want to say that this game is adorable. I'm more of a cat person but I also love looking at dogs. They are just so cute. I really love the interactions of the 2 monsters about the dog. And giving the dog the ability to bork!! Amazing. 10/10, 10/10. Best game, Best Game. Can't wait to see the dull release!!!

This was really funny and enjoyable I was smiling the whole I like the art, the characters especially the dog they're all seem fun and lovable. Great demo thanks for making it 

please for the love of god continue this this is so wonderful- I'm obsessed with the art style and the characters already just from the demo- the character expressions are so good and the watercolor artwork is so pleasing to the eyes- and besides that all, the music absolutely slaps and its really nice to see more games inspired by UT that dont follow that pixelated graphic style. I love that style but like- the really cool, borderline Hylics-esc real life paper type style is super neat and something you dont see very often, so yeah, its really cool in those regards! Absolutely amazing and I'll be following the development!


i loved the characters and the art of this game! it felt really cozy and I loved how I could interact with pretty much everything, like in undertale!


This is spot on. It has the same play style, humor, and atmosphere of undertale while still being a separate game.


I loved this demo excellent sound design with charming painted backgrounds 


im so exited for when it is released


I am genuinely excited for the full release of this game. You got this bob 

I would definitely pay 10 bucks

Прикольная игра  👍


Wow this is so freaking cute I love the tongue in cheek humor and the art style is so good. 10/10 bones very good boi

Watched it streamed by 
Loved it, Great humor and the aesthetic is brilliant!
Thanks for the Entertainment :)


I love this game

This game is super cute and i love it must play doggos/doggos



I feel so bad now because I do not have money to donate and I really wanted to because I love the game:(


Its A Stupidly Cute Game and I Love It and Your Unique version Of The Battle If I Have THe Money I would buy the full game this is a good Undertale inspired game


that was just a demo? that was a fun ride through and through. best part imo was the skeleton "fight", had an absolute blast with that one!

This game is an absolute treasure! I loved the music, the humor, and my god, the art is so awesome. The watercolor vibes makes me feel almost nostalgic and cozy.

Like I stated in the video, I am PUMPED for the eventual full release of this game! 

If there is ever anything I can do, please let me know! I want to see this game SORE!!

Loving the esthatics and the humour. I had weird lagg spikes in the first couple minutes but everything is else is awesome. The last room was gorgous.

Definitely wishlisted :)

10/10, would pay 5 pounds for it

Yeah, this game friggin BOPS, why is it only 5 seconds long?!?!?!


Its a good game. the watercolor kinda makes me have nostalgia


Things I absolutely love so far:

-Unsolvable puzzles that let you know you'll need a new ability.

-The game rewards rummeging around! Love getting my nose on things!

-THE WATERCOLOR. Seriously, wouldn't trade this aesthetic for the world.

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Really enjoyed this demo, I made a video on it but I'm quiet nervous on camera so sorry for being quiet, watch/sub if you want I would appreciate it:


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This is an adorable game! The watercolours, the music and the story that's available so far is wonderful. I've already got this wishlisted on Steam and can't wait to play the full game. 
Awesome job devs! <3 <3 <3 

I also covered the demo to help spread some love!

Love the game planning to make a series out of it aswell i really remember undertale while playing this 

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This game is so cute and fun to play. I can't wait for the full game to come out, keep up the great work! :D


I loved this game and laughed hysterically at every joke, although I did notice it was kind of Undertale based, not that there's anything wrong with that. My one criticism is that I feel like the fetch game minigame should be controlled by the mouse. Please make this game longer.

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