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Doggo Quest is a quirky watercolored RPG featuring a lost dog trying to find its way home.

This is a short demo featuring the entirety of level 1!


  • Bark
  • Look at things
  • Play fetch
  • Be a good boy

Doggo Quest will be a full length RPG, with a completion goal in 2022! Watch this space for updates.

Follow here for the full game (or wishlist on Steam if you prefer!)
And on Tumblr here: https://doggoquest.tumblr.com/ (the real blog)
And on "Twitter" here: https://twitter.com/Meebob4 !
Soundtrack here: https://meebob.bandcamp.com/album/doggo-quest-ost


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doggo_quest_windows32.exe 196 MB
Version 7
doggo_quest_linux.x86_64 200 MB
Version 16
doggo_quest_windows.exe 194 MB
Version 16
doggo_quest_mac.dmg 155 MB
Version 16

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This game is an absolute treasure! I loved the music, the humor, and my god, the art is so awesome. The watercolor vibes makes me feel almost nostalgic and cozy.

Like I stated in the video, I am PUMPED for the eventual full release of this game! 

If there is ever anything I can do, please let me know! I want to see this game SORE!!

Loving the esthatics and the humour. I had weird lagg spikes in the first couple minutes but everything is else is awesome. The last room was gorgous.

Definitely wishlisted :)

10/10, would pay 5 pounds for it

Yeah, this game friggin BOPS, why is it only 5 seconds long?!?!?!


Its a good game. the watercolor kinda makes me have nostalgia


Things I absolutely love so far:

-Unsolvable puzzles that let you know you'll need a new ability.

-The game rewards rummeging around! Love getting my nose on things!

-THE WATERCOLOR. Seriously, wouldn't trade this aesthetic for the world.

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Really enjoyed this demo, I made a video on it but I'm quiet nervous on camera so sorry for being quiet, watch/sub if you want I would appreciate it:


⡴⠑⡄⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⣀⣀⣤⣤⣤⣀⡀
⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢸⣿⣿⣷⣶⣮⣭⣽⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⠇



This is an adorable game! The watercolours, the music and the story that's available so far is wonderful. I've already got this wishlisted on Steam and can't wait to play the full game. 
Awesome job devs! <3 <3 <3 

I also covered the demo to help spread some love!

Love the game planning to make a series out of it aswell i really remember undertale while playing this 

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This game is so cute and fun to play. I can't wait for the full game to come out, keep up the great work! :D


I loved this game and laughed hysterically at every joke, although I did notice it was kind of Undertale based, not that there's anything wrong with that. My one criticism is that I feel like the fetch game minigame should be controlled by the mouse. Please make this game longer.

i cant play the game cause it says 'windows protected you from an unrecognized app' :(


If you click "Show More" and then "Run Anyway" then you can play it.



I played the demo for my very first stream, and had such a great time.

Can't wait for the full game :3




I featured your game in a video! This is an amazing game and the intro you have here is just enough to get anyone interested! I loved every moment of it and can't wait until there is more! I've already wishlisted it on Steam!


This game was so cute! :3 Good job! 

My gameplay if you want to see: 


My gosh this is so adorable, the hand painted backgrounds balanced out with the occasional negative space is such a charming choice for art direction. The beep speak is also very easy on the ears. Looking forward to whatever updates may come!



Why don't you make a android version of this game.


I love it, I am really looking forward to its release this is adorable!

Here is a play through:

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we told him about the currents

didnt we


I was a good boy!!! I love this game! I will be waiting to play the full game once it comes out :D

I can't play it on Mac because the developer cannot be verified :(( help pls

(1 edit)

I've put off getting verification until I finish the whole game, since it is a little pricey ( ´・_・`). But, there are ways to work around the block, depending on which version of macOS you're running! If you google the message, there should be pages talking about it.

This used to happen to me, try dowloading the app if you havent

try opening the app again, then go on the macos settings and then click "security and privacy" and click on the lock! Then you can allow the app and it should work just fine!


Really nice game, you nailed everything. Would love to see future projects!


Good boy!




The art style is great, and I like the comedy factor. (also if you bark and then keep spamming WASD the bark never ends)


A great demo. Loved the art style.


this was very fun and interesting, I don't mind if you watch the video I made on it, but I did enjoy it


A really cool art style and genuinely funny writing! I can see a lot of Undertale inspiration in this, but on the whole it feels very fresh and very much it's own thing!! :D 

I'm really curious to find out where this poopy'll end up next!


I loved it!


Great. I love that  original style.


I loved it. The whole aesthetic is great and really looks good in motion, the characters introduced all felt very unique and individualized and fun. Cannot wait for full release, day one purchase. So much fun.


I can't believe that this is just a demo, I really wanted more from this game. I had a lot of fun time (I just sounded tired but I do have fun) I can't wait to see what the full game is going to be.


Love this game!! I cant quite figure out how to save the game though ;_; i keep replaying it all over again everyting i turn it off

The little shiny star things on the ground, right click them to bring up a menu that asks you if you want to save. Also the game didn't say this but right clicking is how you interact with stuff... you probably figured that out but since it doesn't say it I thought I should mention.

omg thank you so much !!! i havent figured it out actually!! i havent played it again yet in case someone replied to my comment! thanks again i appreciate it! cant wait to play it again


This game was so cute and fun! I can't wait for the full release <3 


The Doggo Quest demo was so funny and cute! I had so much fun playing it tonight! 😍🐾


This game was sooo adorable! I love anything that reminds me of undertale but everything in this game looked so charming and it all sounded great! KUDOS! PupperTale!! | Let's Play Doggo Quest!! - YouTube


Short and sweet! Very chill game, overflowing with charm & humor - a worthy homage to Undertale if there ever was one. I actually laughed out loud at bits of this, and I hardly ever do that...

(played v14 on Windows - I'll definitely be watching for updates!)

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