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I'm excited to see where this goes! Really like the feel of this game. Amazing aesthetic and cute characters. Keep it up!


Hi I'd like to stream your game! If you're interested and okay with that please email me at :) (sorry to comment, but I couldn't find a way to privately message you)


Feel free! ^_^


I really enjoyed this!! The art is stunning. 

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A serious bug I found was that the window was unmovable and started in the corner of the screen, not showing the entire window. I'm using a computer with a smaller screen, so that might cause a problem. So, I couldn't really play the game, which isn't too good.

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Got it! Noted for when I'm working on fixing bugs

I believe that clicking the corner of the window (like changing the size) fixes that but Im not sure if we saw the same thing

I love this! I died in the skeleton fight and the save didnt work(im on windows). Besides that, this is amazing! it looks beautiful and has a lot of charm. I loved the batlle minigame too! gl on the full game!

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Edit: A bugfix is in the works ^_^


this looks so cute!


Fetch succesful!! What a lovely game :)

sadly, save did not work. good game though.

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Thanks for playing! I'm glad you had fun! (Also, if you could let me know what kind of system you're running, that could help me figure out what's going on and improve things going forward!)

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I am on windows, and I think my antivirus thinks the program is suspicious because it kept doing a ton of weird things and i checked and it's deleting the files while the game attempts to make/edit them.

edit: yeah no its not the antivirus, i ran it again and nothing is happening with the antivirus but save won't work.


Love the watercolor art, and love the chill gameplay!

I love it !

Great little demo! Love the watercolour art. I like the dogs facial expressions. When you're in the water their face looks funny. Very undertale inspired. The running sequence was cute and cool.

Everything in the game was very nice and pleasing.

Trying to go into settings menu soft locks the game.

Hope this game gets completed some day.

Thanks for the kind words! I'm happy you enjoyed it. ^_^

And, good catch on the menu!!! I just uploaded a fix, so the settings menu should be working now.


Who's a good dev? Who's a good dev? You are! xD
(sorry, couldn't help myself on this one)
Jokes aside, I reeeealy loved the demo and want to go on a quest with this doogo and his beloved ball to bark, look at things and play more fetch :D

Bruh LOL and with the username, you got me big time HAH

This is amazing!!! I'm super happy you enjoyed it, and I love the meme on the cover, heheh...


This game was actually phenomenal! A very clever undertale like game and I really enjoyed it I wish you had a donation thing before the download like most games do if you add one let me know I'd love to support this project. Great job so far! my full play through of the demo here: 


Thanks for playing! And what an awesome play through video. I'm glad you liked it! There's more coming, so watch this space. 

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